© Coventry Transport Museum
© Coventry Transport Museum

Our organisation has decided to increase the number of volunteers who have heritage skills or who can be trained to use heritage skills. Your team will research the types of heritage skills and training availible in your community and how your organisation could recruit and use these skilled people to train others.


Stone Carving,
Stone Carving,

Investigate the web sites in the process section to find out the different types of heritage skills that others require to restore, preserve and maintain their heritage sites.

What skills are in your community and how would you recruit them for your organisation?

Think about developing partnerships, sources of funding (as these skills do not come cheap) and workshops or training you could organise for your organisation.



Ryton Plant, Coventry, © Coventry Transport Museum
Ryton Plant, Coventry, © Coventry Transport Museum

Divide your group and assign responsibilities for research.

From your research create a presentation (any format you like) and present your finding to the group.

Areas to look at:

What methods do other heritage sites use to educate their audiences in these skills?

What heritage skills do you think you need for your organisation?

How would find out what skills are in your community?

What do you need to do to make this happen in your organisation?

How would you involve your local community (volunteers) in developing heritage skills for your organisation?

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how other heritage sites have developed structures and support to maintain and develop these skills.
  • Understand what Heritage Skills are and how to use them in a post industrial context
  • Developing independant learning and applying that learning to a team task
  • Creating a presentation to deomstartate understanding of research
  • Identified the heritage skills required to maintain, preserve and restore their heritage site.

Knowledge acquired

  • Know what is required to develop the infrastructure to introduce heritage skills into their organisation.
  • Know the concepts of working in a team
  • Know that you will need a partnership network to introduce heritage skills into their organisation
  • Know the heritage skills required to maintain, restore and preserve their heritage site.
  • Know where in your community to locate and develop heritage skills
  • Know what is required to develop a partnership network to implement a Heritage Skills programme for their Heritage site.

Skills acquired

  • Developing higher cognitive thinking skills as in synthesis, analysis and evaluation (Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  • Developing team work and communication skills
  • List goals to create and develop a heritage skills network

Competences acquired

  • Be competent to identify goals and develop a heritage skills network
  • Responsibility and autonomy to be able to work in a team and as an individual to complete the task


Now you understand the skills required to preserve, restore and maintain a heritage site. Do you think you could bring these skills into your organisation and how would you make this happen. Investigate developing a partner network which could help you achieve this goal.